Menus - Cocktail Buffets

Cocktail buffet no. 1

Pinwheel of chicken and crab meat
Mini beef en croute
Prunes with scampi
Prawn Vol-au-vents
Mushroom and garlic Vol-au-vents
Cream cheese and chive Vol-au-vents
Barquettes with asparagus and stilton mousse
Cucumber, brie and asparagus parcels
Smoked salmon mousse croutes
Shell-on prawns

Cocktail buffet no. 2

Ham and mustard sandwiches
Smoked salmon roulades
Seafood vol-au-vents
Chippolata sausages in bacon
Tomato and pepper tartlets
Cheese straws
Salted peanuts

Assorted canapés to include:
Salami, prawns, smoked salmon, asparagus

Cocktail buffet no. 3

Coronation chicken sandwiches
Seafood vol-au-vents
Cheese straws
Stuffed olives
Profiteroles with cream cheese and garlic
Mini pizzas
Stuffed eggs

Cocktail buffet no. 4

Chicken livers in bacon
Hot chippolata sausages
Mini mushroom and pepper kebabs
Smoked bacon rolls
Savoury eclairs with paté
Savoury eclairs with smoked salmon
Savoury eclairs with ratatouille
Cheese and mustard straws
Open sandwiches with smoked salmon and prawns

Cocktail buffet no. 5

Smoked haddock and spinach en croute
Smoked salmon and cream cheese parcels
Green-lip mussels
Tiger prawns in leek
Smoked mackerel croutes
Salmon, sole and asparagus pinwheels
Smoked salmon and chive beignets

Cocktail buffet no. 6 — hot

Chippolatas in bacon
Chicken tikka
Pork and pineapple kebabs
Mini beef en croutes
Mini onion bhajis
Filo parcels with prawns and coriander
Goats cheese en croute

Cocktail Buffet