Menus - Desserts

1. Banana and praline Roulade
2. Dark and white chocolate Roulade
3. Black Forest Roulade
4. Duet of Chocolate mousses with crème anglais
5. Vanilla mousse withredberry compote
6. Sharp lemon flan
7. Lime ginger crunch
8. Crème Brulée (flavours of your choice can be added)
9. Banoffee pie
10. French apple tart with crème fraiche
11. Traditional apple pie and cream (served hot or cold)
12. Mixed fruit mousse with shortbread biscuits
13. White chocolate and strawberry Sablée
14. Crème Caramel
15. Pavlova with fruit of your choice
16. Profiteroles with hot chocolate sauce
17. Choux bun with poached pear, crème chantilly and hot chocolate sauce
18. Glazed fruit tartlet with fruit coulis
19. Raspberry Romanoff
20. Blackcurrant Delice
21. Chocolate Delice
22. Brandy snap basket with forest fruit syllabub and fruit coulis
23. Almond basket with strawberry mousse
24. Fresh fruit salad
25. Oranges in caramel
26. Dark chocolate mousse
27. Sticky toffee pudding
28. Bread and butter pudding
29. Ginger bread pudding with crème anglais
30. Chocolate and raspberry tart
31. White chocolate and peach schnappes cheesecake