Bar and Drinks

At the bar

Licence applications for a paid bar you need a letter with a date and details of your function. Write to us with a cheque for £100

Hire of glassware £2.00 per dozen-

Staff and service    7-11   £300

Drink as much as you like

50 people = £600        7-11   £150 every hour after
100 people = £1300   7-11   £300 every hour after
This bar has full sets of spirits, wine, beer, lager, guinness and a ray of soft drinks

Drink Pimms- £2.25 per glass

Cocktail list
Bottled water- £2.50 (still or sparkling)

List of suggested drink for receptions

Strawberry cocktail- sparkling pink wine with fresh strawberries on the side of the glass.

Pimms No.1- with apple, cucumber, mint and lemon served from a punch bowl.

Bucks Fizz- sparkling wine with orange.

Oliver’s Summer Cocktail- Peach Schnapps, dry white wine, julienne or orange zest, orange segments and a slice of fresh peach.

Vodka Punch- a fruit punch laced with vodka and fresh fruit.

Fruit Cup-  a non-alcoholic fruit punch.

Oliver’s Spring Cocktail- peach juice, vodka and dry white wine.

Sherry- dry, medium or sweet.

Kir- dry white wine with crème de cassis.

Kir Royale- crème de cassis and sparkling wine.

Oliver’s Autumn Cocktail- crystallised fruits with crème de cassis and dry white wine.

House Wine selection by the GLASS

Hildon Water

White Cranberry, Sparkling Wine- with peach

Bar Prices

Shots- £1.50
Spirits and mixers- £2.50
Doubles- £4.00

Main Spirits
Cherry brandy
Brandy port
Crème de manthe
Peach snap
Mandarin vodka
(We do carry extra spirits)

All soft drinks £1.50 in a half pint glass

Soft Drinks
Apple juice
Orange juice
Slim line tonic
Pineapple juice
Diet Coke

Budweiser- £3.00
Wkd -£3.00
Smirnoff ice -£3.00
Bottled stella -£2.50
Canned beer- £3.00
Guinness can- £3.00
Can lager-£3.00

Wine- white ,rose, red -   £2.50 a glass or £10.00 bottle