Menus - Glossary

Anglaise - sweet creamy vanilla custard sauce, light pouring
Aspic - savoury jelly
Barquette - boat shaped pastry case
Beignets - savoury or sweet fritters, often served warm
Bordelaise - sauce with red wine, beef marrow or bacon
Bouchée - small puff pastry case
Canapé - bitesize appetisers of various foods, served hot or cold on breads
Chantilly - lightly whipped cream flavoured with vanilla and sugar
Charlotte Rousse - sponge or soft biscuit lined pudding with a sweet mousse filling
Chasseur - sauce with white wine, tarragon, mushrooms, shallots
Chaud - froid a cream sauce set with aspic used to coat cold meats
Choux - an egg-based pastry, such as used in éclairs
Collops - a round slice of fish or meat
Compoté - stewed red fruits
Concasse - tomatoes cooked with shallot onions
Consommé - a clear soup
Crostini - a canapé base of melba toast
Croute - toasted rounds or squares of bread
Delice - a light mousse dessert with a sponge base
Duxelle - finely chopped mushrooms cooked with shallots
En croute - item wrapped in puff pastry
Endive - mixed seasonal salad leaves
Escalope - thin slice of meat or fish
Farci - savoury stuffing
Feuillette - puff pastry case
Fricassée - a white stew, meat or poultry cooked in the sauce
Gravadlax - fresh salmon cured with rock salt and dill
Hors d'oeuvre - appetising selection of salad, meat and fish
Julienne - cut into very fine strips
Jus juices - reduced and thickened into gravy
Noisette - a cut from a boned out loin of lamb
Paupiette - a stuffed and rolled strip of meat or fish
Pilaff - flavoursome savoury rice, baked off with onions and stock
Poussin - young chicken, tender and delicate flavour
Praline - caramelised almonds or hazelnuts blended to a light crumb
Réforme - classic rich reduced sauce made with a julienne of redcurrant, beetroot, egg, gherkin, funghi and tongue
Romanoff - a cream based dessert flavoured with fruit served in a glass
Sablée - shortbread biscuits sandwiched with a cream of flavoured mousse
Thermidor - sauce of English mustard, tarragon, shallots, cream and parmesan
Vert - coloured green with the use of parsley or spinach