Menus - Salads

1. Tomato and red onion
2. Tomato and basil
3. Cherry tomato, olive oil and basil
4. Potato and onion salad bound with mayonnaise
5. New potatoes with chives
6. Rice, sweetcorn, kiwi and mushroom
7. Curried rice salad with apricot, almonds, peppers, sultanas and mayonnaise
8. Coleslaw
9. Marinated red cabbage and apple
10. Fine beans, beanshoots, mushrooms, black olives, dressed in a classic French dressing
11. Mushroom and onion, cooked and served cold
12. Waldorf salad, walnuts, apple and celery bound in lightly acidulated cream
13. Beetroot in vinegar
14. Japanese salad, diced cucumber, pineapple, orange and tomatoes in a natural yoghurt dressing
15. Red and green peppers with onions and vinaigrette
16. Cucumber and mixed herb with iceberg lettuce and classic French dressing
17. Orange and walnut
18. Mixed leaf endive
19. Crisp green salad
20. Mixed salad vegetables, fruits and leaves