Menus - Vegetarian Suggestions

1. Ratatouille summer pudding with sweet pepper sauce.
2. Carrot, coriander and spinach roulade with roasted red peppers.
3. Brie, aubergine and tomato bake in puff pastry.
4. Strudel with red onions, spinach, chick peas and brie.
5. Roulade of avocado, woodland mushrooms and Danish Blue cheese wrapped in filo pastry.
6. Stilton & walnut pie with wholemeal pastry served with a tomato sauce
7. Vol au Vent with leek, mushroom and spinach with white wine sauce
8. Mille Feuille of roasted marinated Mediterranean vegetables with coriander and tomato coulis
9. Mushroom, leek and garlic in a cream sauce served in a puff pastry case.